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Recreational area in Vadul-lui-Voda is one of the most beautiful health resorts in the Republic of Moldova, located at a distance of 18 km from Chisinau. In 2005, Vadul-lui-Voda has received the status of Resort town. Recreational use of the nearby territories began after 1945. In the leisure area activate 82 resort centers and 5 summer camps for children.


The resort zone in Vadul-lui-Voda has 584 hectares; a big part of this area is occupied by Woods. The region's climate is favorable for recreation: hot during summertime and relatively soft during wintertime, with low temperatures.


Oak, maple and poplar groves are surrounded by meadows, strewn with flowers and medicinal herbs such as spearmint, violas, lilies-of-the-valley, and snowdrops. The trees planted with much love are a great source of oxygen. The air perfumed with the scent of the forest and refreshed by the coolness of the river water combined with the smell of flowers and herbs is remedial in the broad sense of the word. It's no wonder why the Rehabilitation and Relax Center IT-Relax is situated in the heart of Vadul-lui-Voda town. From the windows of the Center you can see the Nistru Park – beautiful in every season. The picturesque places, shady alleys and deep stillness, which is only disturbed by birdsongs, have a positive impact on our guests.


With every year the bank of Nistru River becomes more beautiful and equipped with dressing booths, benches, beach showers and playgrounds for kids. During the day you can experience the travel by ferry, sea scooters or receive swimming lessons. Children can enjoy waterfalls. On the beach territory there are numerous bars, cafes and discos, where you can spend your free time.


Vadul-lui-Voda has a takeoff ground, where previously were held gliding competitions. Here, the gliders of the Republic of Moldova and from other countries tested their models. Now this area is used for parachute jumps.


In the resort zone there are located 2 agricultural markets where you can buy all the necessary things for leaisure. Financial services are provided by the Banca de Economii bank. In the whole area, urban and interurban telephone connection is available, especially of Moldcell and Orange companies that grants comfort to the subscribers.

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